Lead Management System

Pursuit Vision's lead & contact management system automates the entire lead processing function, from lead capture, analysis and assignment, through to "closed loop" contact management and detailed status / trend reports.

Systems exponentially increase the client's follow-up and lead closure rates. Through automation, our systems ensure that even the most complex lead analysis and assignment models are adhered to.

Our Lead Management Systems are centralized, secure, network-based solutions. Each Lead Management System is custom configured from to the industry standards and also meeting customer specific requirement. Our semi-custom approach not only ensures your system functions according to your lead management process, but also dramatically reduces both the development and the "total cost of ownership".



  • Provides lead upload features
  • Creates interaction with customers
  • Captures opportunities and updates lead status generated through various sources
  • Provides fully customizable Business Intelligence
  • Dynamic and fully flexible system - allowing leads to be created under any number of verticals, product lines, business units etc.


  • Helps to assess the performance of sales department
  • Analyzes the efficiency of various sales channels by observing the closure of sales generated from the channels
  • Dynamic, flexible functionality lowers total cost of ownership
  • No need to install any further software as it is a browser based application
  • Benefit from coupling with SMS Gateways, auto responders etc.