Device-agnostic mobile app solution to facilitate market analysis

Summary – Pursuit Vision was tasked with providing a relevant and cost effective mobile app solution to extend the marketing and branding efforts of the hotel chain to mobile. The app needed to look and function uniformly across multiple operating systems and multiple screen sizes of smartphones and tablets.

The objective was to embark on targeted mobile app marketing campaign fuelled by a hybrid app. Pursuit Vision harnessed its app development competencies to provide a right-fit solution that justified client budget and fulfilled their expectations on time.

Challenge – The client needed a mobile presence that looked and functioned consistently across devices. They also needed the solution to function on iOS, Android and Windows mobile platform. This was needed to ensure a unified marketing message and a uniform look and feel of the brand on any Internet enabled smart device.

An additional concern was to keep the development costs low. This was needed to ensure that the client extracts maximum RoI from the mobile app campaign and strengthen its strategic decision making process as an outcome. Considering that it was a pilot project to check the outreach of the brand’s visibility, the client specifically requested for a mobile app solution that didn’t incur multiple development costs for different mobile platforms.
A third concern was the tight turnaround time in which the app needed to be developed, tested and deployed. This entailed the device agnostic app development project to be completed within tight turnaround time

Solution – Pursuit Vision executed the mobile app development using hybrid mobile app technology. Using a mix of HTML5 and CSS3, we ensured that the app was compatible with all major mobile app platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. The use of hybrid app development technology ensured that the core programming was executed and tested for a single iteration. The web to native abstraction layer provided by hybrid app technologies helped us extract better potential from the phones in-built features such as camera and accelerometer. The app also factored in limited storage and processing prowess of most of the smartphones and hence rendered equally well on mobile devices across different configurations of memory and processing speed.

The core solution was programmed just once and the code was re-used to cater to various app platforms. This meant -

  • Faster UI development
  • Reduced programming and testing time
  • Shorter development lifecycle
  • Lower costs than going native for all mobile platforms


  • The client mobile app looks, feel and functions uniformly irrespective of screen size or resolution. This consistency in UI provides a strong brand reflection and hence allows users to view the client business in positive light
  • At the cost of a single iteration, the client is able to reach out to the widest possible mobile audience. This way they achieve high RoI on the pilot project and give substantial traction to their market analysis objective.
  • Since development was executed just once, the overall turnaround time was just a fraction as compared to developing different apps for different mobile ecosystems.

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